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Shop for your favorite hair cutting shear offers the most complete selection of professional Japanese hair cutting shears / scissors requested by top stylist around the world. Tricut has grown to include over 200 hair cutting shears, thinners, blenders and hi-hend shears. With our award winning customer service and huge selections of top brands such as Joewell, Kasho, Matsuzaki, Yasaka, Nic, Shark Fin and more we invite you to see why we have been the best option for salon shear needs for over 10 years!


Tricut was born from a desire to provide the very best of hi-end Japanese hair cutting shears at the very best price. We carry some of the largest brands from Joewell, Kasho, Matsuzaki, Nic, Yasaka, Shark Fin and more. Our vast collection of high quality Japanese shears include neutral grip crane handle shears, swivel shears, texture thinning shears and seamless blending shears that leave no line and comb out with zero drag. We also have one of the largest collections of left handed shears. Over 10 years of customer service has made Tricut the number 1 choice for stylist around the world.