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<p>Sharp service.</p>

Amazing service and fast shipping.

Thank you and Tricut associates for such a pleasant experience. I am forever grateful and proud owner of Joewell shears! Could not have asked for more! Perfect and impeccable service, from a store i trust. You have a client for i know my shears will keep up!

Thanks again!

Best ever!

Thank you for the most comfortable shears ever. They remain sharp for many years! I have always been satisfied with your products and variety!

Best service!

I've been using the Joewell Black Cobalt for over 30 years and found them on Tricut. They had a great price and shipped the same day. What else can I ask for! Customer for life!!


You have ruined me for life... can't shop for shears anywhere else! I shopped my first set several years back. I purchased the Joewell shears. Now I own 7 pairs. Love, love, love all my shears.

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Reviews 1-5 of 7

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